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The Profitability Award

Highlighting the bootstrappers that are building profitable businesses from day one!

Each winner was asked to provide a short bio, and a handful of predictions about how they think their category will change over the next 3-5 years.

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Michele Hansen

Co-Founder of Geocode.io

"The secret is out about the benefits of running a remote bootstrapped  company, and as no-code tools proliferate, I predict we'll see more people get into this space. As with any emerging industry, there will be consolidation, on both the investor side and the company side. We'll see larger investors from outside the current community investing in bootstrapped companies, and founders who may have otherwise chosen more conventional prestige paths choosing to bootstrap. But my predictions are much more cynical than my hopes. I hope that the bootstrapped community continues to be a welcoming place, and in fact becomes an even more welcoming place. The corporate and mainstream tech worlds are still difficult for many people, and I hope that more people can find liberation in our small corner of the economy. That's the future I want to see, and that's what drives me to try to help others realize that they, too, can bootstrap a company."

Jen Yip

Founder of Lunch Money

"All signs point to a continuous increase in bootstrapped entrepreneurship for the next 5 years.

The uncertainty and volatility of the workplace brought on by COVID-19 has decreased the perceived risk of entrepreneurship and highlighted the benefits of being self-sufficient and self-reliant.

With established communities like Indie Hackers, endless online learning opportunities and a slew of successful bootstrapped product owners building in public, the resources are bountiful no matter your starting point!"

Allison Esposito Medina

Founder of Tech Ladies

"1) More people will get into bootstrapping before raising money, many of them will never go on to raise money.

2) More flexible financing will continue to pop up around profitable internet businesses as people realize not everything has to be a venture scale opportunity

3) To attract top talent, more bootstrappers will start doing revenue share with employees  so that as the business grows, the team grows their personal wealth as well."

Justin Jackson

Founder of Transistor.fm

"Tools for internet creators will be a major opportunity. So many folks want to earn a side-income on the internet now. There will be lots of opportunities to sell 'pickaxes to miners.'"

Gesche Haas

Founder and CEO of Dreamers & Doers

"As the world sees the true colors of what used to be shiny unicorns, entrepreneurial circles will increasingly celebrate profits over elusive company valuations.

In the process, bootstrapped founders will be spared from hearing their companies described as “lifestyle businesses”.

Ecosystems for bootstrapping entrepreneurs will continue to flourish. This includes communities, targeted services and recognition...like The Buildies!"

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