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The Get Schooled Award

Showcasing independent educators who are creating new forms of education and courses to make us all smarter.

Each winner was asked to provide a short bio, and a handful of predictions about how they think their category will change over the next 3-5 years.

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Dru Riley

Founder of Trends.vc

"Cohort-based courses will become more common. Accountability through a group boosts completion rates and increases the overall value of education.

Online educators will become one of the best-paid creator categories. People are willing to pay for content that improves their knowledge."

Angie Jones

Director of Test Automation University

"Tech is constantly changing and therefore requires continuous learning from its practitioners. The textbooks cannot keep up with the pace of change, so we utilize technology to provide nontraditional approaches to learning. Expect much more of this in the years to come. Especially as we continue to break down the many barriers to entry."

Matt Studdert

Founder of Frontend Mentor

"I believe we’ll see a much wider range in the methods used to educate people online. There’s so much unexplored space beyond video tutorials, workshops, and articles.

More online learning communities will spring up where giving feedback to your peers is a crucial part of the learning process. Companies will employ people based less on their formal qualifications and more on their work portfolio and demonstration of knowledge when helping others."

Tiago Forte

Founder of Forte Labs

"Within the next few years, the word "online" will get dropped from "online education," the same way that "online business" is now simply called "business." Live educational courses delivered remotely will become world-class programs, with full-time staffs, globally recognized brands, and alumni networks that rival the Ivy Leagues. They will become an essential part of every professional's career path, not just to prepare for a career, but to continuously retrain and upgrade their skills during their career."

David Perell

Founder of Write of Passage

"1) Universities will prove to be surprisingly resilient because they’re such an integral part of the American dream.

2) The best online educators will learn more from the entertainment industry than the traditional education one.

3) Education will resemble the contemporary journalism industry, where top talent will escape traditional institutions to start their own ventures instead."

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