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The Connector Award

Celebrating the community builders that bring people together.

Each winner was asked to provide a short bio, and a handful of predictions about how they think their category will change over the next 3-5 years.

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Frances Coronel

Executive Director @ Techqueria

"As tooling improves, the impact and value a community has will become more easily quantifiable.

Tech communities will have to come to a reckoning when it comes to addressing national issues as big tech also comes to terms with its social impact positions.

The best standards of trust and safety will become easier for communities to implement themselves."

Erik Martin

Chief Community Officer @ Teal

"Even before the pandemic, people were isolated and lonely. The pandemic has magnified and exposed those feelings. Communicating across time & space with loved ones isn't enough. People want to not only be together, but DO something together. I think over the next year or two we'll see a lot more people try online games, events, and presence-based platforms together with friends and family. I also predict that for better or worse, organizing an online Karaoke night with friends will still be out of reach."

Veni Kunche

Founder @ Diversify Tech

"As we are living in volatile times, I don't have predictions. But I hope that all communities will prioritize the most marginalized members of their community by proactively moderating, curbing back on misinformation and giving importance to the safety of these members."

Danielle Maveal

Community consultant, writer, entrepreneur

"What does the future of connection look like? Once we can safely gather again, I imagine we'll have so much hope, joy, play, and creative energy to bring back to our real-life communities. It'll be interesting to see how digital communities compete! I don't think online communities are going anywhere, but I do think this could inspire creative, joyful, playful digital experiences like we've never seen before."

Sergio Mattei

Founder @ Makerlog

"In the next couple of years, startups will break from the “stealth mode” tradition to build product closer to their users. “Building in public” will become the norm to help understand client needs better and, of course, build a great community.

Building strong user communities will become a big focus of new startups. Company leaders will foster a culture of service — caring personally and connecting individuals within their communities.

In short, serve others, be vulnerable, and build publicly. Only good things can come from doing that."

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