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Highlighting the builders, the creators, the makers, and the doers.

No age limit. No pay to play. Real builders.

Nominations: December 7th - 21st

Winners: January 11th

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The Connector Award

Celebrating the community builders that bring people together.

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The Actually Helpful Award

Celebrating the investors that actually contribute to building the future, rather than just writing checks and tweeting.

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The No Codebase Award

Showcasing those who are pushing the boundaries of building without code

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The Anywhere Award

Highlighting the pioneers pushing the future of work and living forward.

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The Mighty Keyboard Award

Highlighting the bloggers, newsletters and other writers who provide us with ongoing content.

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The Get Schooled Award

Showcasing independent educators who are creating new forms of education and courses to make us all smarter.

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The Profitability Award

Highlighting the bootstrappers that are building profitable businesses from day one!

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